Dynamic Tesla Coil
Dynamic Tesla Coil
Dynamic Tesla Coil

Dynamic Tesla Coil

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This Tesla coil is the perfect addition to any desktop.

Look no further than our Tesla Coil Lightning Artificial Desktop! This product emits a bright and realistic lightning bolt that is perfect for any desktop. Plus, our product is completely safe and easy to use. Simply plug it in and enjoy the show!

  • This is a Tesla coil to generate a high-frequency alternating current through the oscillation of the chip, and it can also be controlled by audio, so that the arc pushes the air to make sound, and also supports wireless power transmission, for what the SSTC Tesla coil becomes a piece with It is a multi-functional work of art with high playability, good visualization, hands-on science education, etc.

Connect to your phone and play the characteristic: square wave music, and you can see the Tesla coil arc beating with the music. With the knob turned to medium power, you can touch the lightning by hand, you will feel a little tingling, and it will appear extra powerful in front of your friends. At the same time, it is the perfect teaching tool to stimulate students' interest in science and can be used as wireless power transmission, wireless lighting, etc.

The product has 2 knobs: one to adjust the frequency and one to adjust the power. Before using the power, you must adjust the 2 knobs to the minimum, otherwise, you will be scared by the arc and huge thunder after the power is on. When you use the maximum power, the thunder of the device is inevitable, and sometimes yours will feel very harsh, so you can only adjust the power, or turn off the device to ensure that your environment is quiet.

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