Dynamic Laser Pointer ™
Dynamic Laser Pointer ™
Dynamic Laser Pointer ™
Dynamic Laser Pointer ™
Dynamic Laser Pointer ™

Dynamic Laser Pointer ™

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This Lt-301 100mw (milliwatt) high power green light laser pointer kit contains a green laser pointer including two safety keys. It has a large capacity for long working hours. The buttons are designed to be locked when you are not using the laser pointer for safety. When it comes to the laser pointer, it has a powerful design that is not only for pointing but also for illuminating. Ideal helper for your work and your life!

For any inquiry please contact us here: dynamiclaserco@gmail.com

Due to being the second most powerful laser pointer on the market, some countries like Australia have tried to ban our LT-301 Military Lasers™ for being "overpowered units" but failed.

Demonstration of 100mw

Disclaimer: Never point your laser at aircrafts or cameras, as this can get you into legal trouble.


  • Provides a bright, high-powered beam of light
  • Can also be used as a lighter
  • Rechargeable design
  • Two keys for locking when not in use, safe

Package List

  • 1 x Laser pointer
  • 2 x Keys

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Care Instructions

Do not let the laser beam enter the eye. The laser beam is harmful to the eyes, every contact may lead to permanent damage

Do not look directly with your eyes or with binoculars or any other device to observe the laser beam

Please remove the battery from the laser pointer when you are not using it

Do not point the laser beam at planes, people, animals, etc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 767 reviews
Nick Brown

My cat loves chasing it

Tobias Reed

You can see the laser beam at night which is cool

Tony Williams

This laser is advertised as under 5 mw to pass customs when in reality the mw is closer to 100 mw. That being said be careful where you point it. I would not want this anywhere near my eyes. Besides that it's a fun toy

Chase Menendez

the weight on the laser makes it feel heavy duty

Celestino Mosciski

The range on this laser is pretty impressive. Did not expect it to go so far. I just wanted something for the back yard for the dogs to chase but this could be pointed down the street

William Chernioglo

The brightness is intense. At night time I can easily see the laser dot. I would advise others to wear protective eyewear when playing with it.